Spring is commonly referred to as a time of re-awakening and it is no wonder really because it is the time in which not only do the gorgeous flowers start to awake from their winter slumber, but it also when things finally start to get a little warmer around here. And I don’t know about you but I find a good bit of sunshine always without fail helps to inspire me to make a few much need changes. The main focus of my attention this year was my hair. After a damaging winter – think too much heat styling, product build-up and general bad treatment – my hair was in need of a serious detox. Enter Rahua’s fabulous Voluminous Shampoo & Conditioner.rahua hair 2

rahua hair 4Designed to not only cleanse and refresh, but to also create body and bounce Rahua’s 100% natural Voluminous Shampoo (275ml £28) is a true hero in my eyes. Offering what can only be described as TLC (tender loving care) in a bottle this nourishing shampoo does it all. It lathers gloriously, it lifts dirt and grease with complete ease and it leaves your hair looking / feeling its absolute best – aka clean, soft, shiny and incredibly bouncy. Best of all unlike so many other volumising shampoos I have tried in the past (and trust me I have tried a lot) this little beauty manages to strike the perfect balance between being able to keep oil at bay for longer and not drying out my unbelievably delicate scalp, which essentially means I don’t need to wash my hair as often – two to three times a week is more than enough.rahua hair 3If you want beautiful, healthy looking hair I highly recommend investing in Rahua’s 100% natural Voluminous Conditioner (275ml £29). Staring ungurahua oil to fortify and nourish, lemongrass and green tea to create body, volume and bounce, quinoa to revitalise and lavender and eucalyptus to provide a calming experience, this powerful yet incredibly lightweight conditioner helps to effortlessly get your hair back on track no matter how bad its conditions. In fact, even after just one wash, I noticed a distinct difference not only in the volume of my hair, but also the quality of my hair (read: it was shinier, softer and all-around a lot, lot happier) – making this conditioner for sure my buy of the year thus far.

To Note: Both products are 100% natural, as such they are free of parabens and sulfates, they are also 100% vegan-friendly and totally gluten free.

Have you tried Rahua’s Voluminous range?

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