There is a lot of traditional beauty advice out there, so for today’s post, we thought we would share with you three of our favourite slightly more unconventional beauty secrets that we believe will hopefully interest you. Who knows, they might change your beauty game forever, just like they did ours!silk pillowWater Purifier: Showering in the right way can mean the difference between healthy hair / happy skin and damaged hair / dry skin. Unfiltered, hard water contains a plethora of toxins, which as you can probably guess take a massive toll on your delicate skin and hair strands. This is why water purifiers in the shape of shower head filters are your new best friends. When your water is purified your shower time will not only improve your hair and skin hydration, but it will also help to increase shine.

Humidifier: Adding a humidifier to your bedroom brings a whole new meaning to getting your beauty sleep. Humidifiers are commonly associated with being a go-to when you are feeling stuffed-up, but they are also incredibly effective at hydrating your skin. In fact, leaving your humidifier on while you sleep will leave you with beautifully hydrated and supple skin come morning.

Silk Pillowcases: Have you ever dreamt of waking up every morning to perfectly smooth, frizz-free hair and silky feeling skin? If you answered yes (which I am sure you did), then you may just want to consider switching to a silk pillowcase. Made completely out of natural material, silk pillowcases are hypoallergenic and packed full of amino acids, which are known to help reduce the signs of ageing. I must also note, unlike cotton pillowcases, silk pillowcases will not absorb your night oils or creams, thus allowing them to work more efficiently throughout the night.

Do you know of any unconventional beauty secrets? Please do tell us in the comments below!

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“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly, a beautiful soul.” – Unkown