When it comes to Christmas us Brits aren’t known for holding back – especially when it comes food. With this in mind, I thought today would a good day to share with you one of all-time favourite reviving juice recipes. Packed full of vitamins this delicious juice not only helps to reduce inflammation in your body (thus helping your body to heal), but it also rather wonderfully helps to make your skin and consequently your spirit glow too.juice 2016

Papaya Reviving Juice Recipe (for 1)

The Ingredients:

1 unripened green papaya, peeled + seeds removed

1 green apple, unpeeled + core removed

1 medium-sized cucumber, unpeeled

A handful of fresh mint

½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon of raw Manuka honey

The Benefits:

Papaya – Containing papain an incredible enzyme that helps to heal inflammation within your body papaya quickly and effectively helps to aid digestion.

Apple – Apple’s contain antioxidants that prevent cell and tissue damage, wrinkles and aging.

Cucumber – The juice of cucumbers is very hydrating with their high water content – properly hydrated skin being a necessity for glowing skin.

Mint – Not only is mint great for soothing stomachs and aiding digestion, but it also does an incredible at pepping up your mind and body when it is feeling sluggish / tired.

Cinnamon – Once more valuable than gold Cinnamon remarkably can help your body to rid itself of toxins.

Manuka Honey – A nutritional powerhouse, Manuka Honey is renowned across the world for improving the health of your gut.

The Directions:

Run the papaya and apple through your juicer.

Then together juice the cucumber and mint by sandwiching the mint between two slices of cucumber.

Switch off your juicer and add the ground cinnamon and raw Manuka honey.

Mix well and enjoy!

To Note: If you don’t want to drink the juice straight away you can pour it into an airtight container and keep it in the fridge for up to 12 hours.

Happy Juicing Everyone!

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