Raw Gaia 100% wild crafted Raw Shea Butter brings back so many memories of when I had my own spas. I would buy Shea butter in bulk and place it in a large bowl in the middle of the spa so that all my therapists could use it for massages and many other treatments. They would fill up their pots in the morning and place them into the hot cabbie so the product would melt for the day ahead.

raw gaia Shea Butter

When I received this product I instantly opened the retro glass jar packaging that makes it feel wonderfully reassuring and the smell just instantly took me back to the days of my spa. I couldn’t help but smile. I placed my hand in to pick out a little of the Shea butter, rubbed it into my hands to liquefy it and rubbed the heavenly natural butter into my skin. The smell is non-distinctive and not overpowering, but incredibly addictive.

Raw Gaia’s Shea Butter is unique in the fact that it is blended with skin protecting organic cold-pressed apricot kernel oil, which is rich in Vitamins A, C and E. Unlike some oil that remain on the surface of the skin, apricot kernel oil is readily absorbed without leaving a greasy residue. When smoothed into the skin Raw Gaia Raw Shea Butter leaves a nourished glow – perfect for refreshing the skin with the autumnal months fast approaching. Be sure not to use too much though, as it is pure and concentrated in its own right. You may find you will need to use it a couple of times to find the perfect amount to suit your skin type (a little really does go a long way).

The first day of using this product I rubbed it between my palms and massaged in on my damp skin after my bath in the morning and carried on with my everyday things. It wasn’t until I got undressed in the evening and felt my skin, it was so hydrated and soft. This was such a great feeling as this Shea Butter is true to its benefits. It really is one of my favourite natural products for the body. Shea Butter for me is perfect for treating external factors of your skin. I always relate Shea butter to being great for extremely dry skin types, eczema, stretch marks, sunburn damage, dry scalp, chapped lips, raw knuckle bones and cracked, dry heels due to it being jammed pack full of Vitamins including A, E and F. For best results I do highly recommend regular exfoliation to pave the way for the Shea butter to be deeply absorbed.

You can find Raw Gaia wild crafted fair trade and sustainable Raw Shea Butter for £14.99 here

To Note-

Always look for Raw Shea Butter from a reputable source like Raw Gaia’s offering, as there are different grade of Shea Butter. Refined and Shea Butter found in many cosmetic products are boiled to such a high degree it is stripped of all its natural benefits.

A topic that is on the rise is the fact that if you are allergic to latex you could possibly react to Shea Butter, so air on the side of caution because they are both closely related in the plant world.

Have you every tried Raw Shea Butter? Do you have any Shea favourites of your own? Let me know!