With summer finally on the horizon (hurray), I, like most girls, like to change things up a little. So much so, that my favourite winter mattes have been pushed to one side and now in their place lay a beautiful array of glow-inducing products. However as I have learnt a few years ago if you really want to fake a healthy glow, it’s not really bronzer you’re after – it’s a really good highlighter. Often referred to as concealer’s sexy older cousins highlighter uses light reflective properties to distract the eye away from the things that concealer often tries to hide, hence why highlighting (or strobing as it is fashionably called these days) has become one of the worst kept beauty secrets of all time – and my loyal best friend.

Available in powder, liquid or cream formats, with or without shimmer, the amount of highlighter available on the market today is pretty overwhelming. Especially when you factor in the fact that unfortunately not all highlighters are created equally. You see just like foundation, highlighters aren’t typically made to match every single skin tone out there. So if you get it wrong you can end up with a frosty, unnatural finish that stands out for arguably all the wrong reasons. Luckily for us all, Marc Jacobs Beauty has taken the guesswork out of finding the perfect highlighter as they have somehow managed to achieve the seemingly impossible with their brand new release called the Glow Stick.m j glow

m j glow 2Designed to impart a universally flattering glow this incredibly portable one of a kind highlighter really is beyond special. Inspired by Marc Jacobs signature runway look (read: fresh and glowy) this exquisite cream illuminator imparts arguably the freshest lit from within glow I have ever seen or experience in a highlight before. We are talking a gorgeous dewy looking glow, not a shimmery disco ball here folks. Containing the right amount of both pearly gold and silver pigments this silky-smooth stick of wonder glides effortlessly onto your skin to deliver anything up to 10 hours of envy-inducing wear. In fact, I should probably warn you this little gem attracts a lot of seriously lovely compliments – so much so I am yet to go a day without receiving at least one.
m j glow 3Flattery from friends and strangers aside, I couldn’t finish this review without mentioning for me at least what really sets this product apart from the rest and that’s just how incredibly convenient it really is – especially when it comes to travel. Housed in a solid palm-shaped case I can finally say goodbye to a beauty issue I have been suffering from for years. You see whenever I take my favourite powder or liquid highlighters out and about with me I always without fail manage to shatter or smash them, with the Glow Stick though I have no such worries. As such, if you are a highlighter lover and craving something new and exciting do yourself a favour and head down to your nearest Sephora to test it out for yourself – I promise you won’t regret it!

How to use: Uncap the Glow Stick and gently roll up the cream stick formula ever so slightly. Using a brush sweep it across the surface of the stick then blend into the high points of your face (the tops of your cheekbones, your temples, brow bones, down the bridge of your nose, your cupid’s bow and last but by no means least the centre of your chin). You can also if you are on the go apply the Glow Stick directly onto your face and then simply blend it in with a brush or even, of course, your fingers.

Marc Jacobs Glow Stick (14g) is $42 and it’s available here and here.

Do you have a favourite highlighter?

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