Inner beauty for outer glow – It’s so great that every day you can learn something innovative. I feel very blessed in my career, but I will never say I know everything, nor am I a complete health fanatic. Life is a journey and everyone learns something new every day. I do try consciously to be healthy and over the last year I have been experimenting and learning new ways to look after my inner wellness and not just through skin care. Unfortunately, when it comes to beautiful skin, we often focus on what hydrating products we can apply to the outside, rather than focusing first and foremost on the hydration of our cells from the inside. I love anything natural and believe in living organically, so about 6 months ago I started making my own flavoured water.


I have to be honest with you I have never been a huge fan of water, I would drink a glass of water in one just so I had my intake of water, but I would never choose to drink it if I had a choice. Water is, however, incredibly important because it keeps the skin elastic by keeping the cells fully inflated. A well-hydrated cell will push outward against its cell membrane from the inner portion of the cell. This keeps the skin taut so that it doesn’t sag. Dry skin that is allowed to sag for a period of time will begin to develop wrinkles. Your skin is soft tissue, and is a 3rd on the body’s priority list when it comes to distributing water. So anytime you don’t meet your daily water requirement your skin is one of the first body parts that will suffer. Water also helps to dilute toxins excreted in our sweat (lowering the concentration of toxins sitting on the skin), improve gastrointestinal health and boost brain function and clarity (yes please!).

My water journey all changed when I learnt about flavoured water. I defiantly wouldn’t drink squash (no need to go there – squash is bad) but. . . for me to improve the taste of water I started adding fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Taking care of your body from the inside not only keeps you healthy, but it will enable you to radiate from the outside. Drinking water infused with fruit or herbs is a smart and tasty way to stay hydrated and cleansed without getting overloaded with sugar and calories. So if like me, you hate water because it’s boring, this is defiantly for you! Flavoured water goes beyond the classic, ubiquitous lemon slice in water. It’s one of those things where you can get super creative and think outside the bottle (see what I did there). The possibilities are endless!

So. . . let me explain how I make my flavoured waters and some great tried and tested combinations I really enjoy that are each packed full of  Vitamin A and C and antioxidants (you can read why antioxidants are so important here.)

Blueberry and Mint: Add fresh blueberries and fresh mint leaves to a jar. (Rip the leaves in half or crush for more flavour). Use a spoon to gently mash the blueberries- this will let the juice out of the fruit to infuse the water. Fill the jar with water and refrigerate overnight for the best flavour.

Cherry and Lemon: Add thinly sliced lemon and whole cherries to your jar. Cover your desired fruit amount with water. Give a gentle shake and place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours (preferably overnight).

Blackberry and Kiwi: Add fresh blackberries and kiwi slices to the bottom of your jar and gently mash with a spoon to release the flavour of the berries. Once lightly mashed simply add the water to the jar. Refrigerate overnight for maximum flavour.

 Raspberry and Lime: Add fresh raspberries and thinly cut lime to the bottom of your jar. Mash gently to release the flavour of the berries. Add water and refrigerate overnight.

Let me know what you think of these delicious flavoured waters by leaving a comment below or tweet me at @BellaJLtd.