Us women work incredibly hard, so hard, in fact, we have learnt to fully embrace the art of multitasking. From doing our makeup whilst comminuting into work to eating our lunch at our desk so that we can work through our emails, we have become the masters of getting the most out of every last second. That being said our hectic lifestyles come at a cost, especially with regards to our skin. You see late nights coupled with early mornings will naturally leave your skin looking incredibly dull and fatigued. Fortunately though for us savvy women, there is a quick fix. Enter the humble face mask. More than just a pampering product, masks are designed to target and transform specific complexion concerns in a way that no other product can. Speaking of which I two incredibly exciting new innovations from Origins to share with you today – both of which work almost as hard as you do.
greens origins 5The first being Origins By All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask (95ml) £32 – Designed for skin that is in need of a serious detox this unique cleansing mask is really rather exciting. You see unlike conventional deep cleansing masks this newbie is foam based – meaning it helps to gently get to work cleansing and unclogging your pores without stripping your precious skin of its protective barrier. Packed full of a detoxifying cocktail of protein-enriched Spirulina, vitamin rich Spinach and antioxidant abundant Green Tea this revolutionary mask also doubles up as a cleanser thanks to the inspired additions of Kaolin Clay and Coconut-derived cleansers – both of which work together to draw out impurities in the most refreshingly comfortable way possible. The results post mask? Skin is cleaner, more refreshed and ready for whatever your hectic life wants to throw at it.

Recommended for: All skin types

How to use: Two to three times a week depending on the condition of your skin dispense a small amount onto your fingertips, and without blending apply an even layer onto your dry skin immediately (avoiding your delicate eye area). Relax for a few minutes and let the foam develop before your eyes. Once the foam has developed you can leave it to sit for 15 minutes as you would a mask or you can remove it immediately as you would a cleanser. If you do leave it to sit I would recommend wetting your fingertips and then massage the foam in circular motions to reactivate it before rinsing off or removing with a washcloth (aka my preferred method).greens origins 3The second is Origins Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer (70ml) £18.50 – It’s not that often these days that you see a truly innovative product being brought to market, but Origins latest release is definitely one of those products that make’s you stop and think ‘why has nobody thought of this before.’ Now as you have probably already guessed by its somewhat lengthy name, this pretty looking blue bottle does indeed contain a priming mist that helps to take your masking experience to the next level by encouraging your mask to work that little bit harder. How I hear you ask? Well you known when you get out of a warm shower your skin is more receptive to your moisturiser because the water and steam in your shower has plumped it up, well the Maskimizer works in a not to dissimilar way; it instead, however, saturates your skin with a unique complex of Marine Algae that helps to hydrate, soothe and plump your skin so that all the goodness housed in the mask that follows ends up nourishing your skin and not your plughole.

Recommended for: All skin types and masks except peel-off ones.

How to use: After thoroughly cleansing your skin hold the bottle 10 to 12 inches away from your face, close your eyes and spritz it a few time. Once you are done spritzing lightly pat in with your hands and then your skin is prepped and ready for your chosen mask.

To Note: Both products are free from parabens, sulphates and artificial fragrances.

What do you think of these two new innovations?

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