There is nothing nicer on a cold autumn / winter day than a warm cup of herbal tea. But besides being so incredibly tasty, warming and a great pick-me-up alternative to caffeine, personally I adore drinking herbal teas because of their wonderful health benefits. From soothing a troubled tummy to calming troubled minds, natural herbs have all sorts of incredible healing powers that create a beautiful sense of wellbeing.


In case you haven’t heard of or are unsure as to what herbal tea actually are, they aren’t really made from tea (which is a specific kind of plant called camellia sinensis). Herbal teas are a blended infusion of leaves, fruits, seeds, roots or bark that is extracted in hot water. By drinking a well-steeped herbal tea, you get all the incredible benefits of plants in an easily digestible form.

Recently JustBe Botanical, purveyors of fantastic natural skin care and wellbeing products, has introduced a new high-quality herbal tea line. When I saw the organic botanical blends, I just knew I had to try them out. And I have to say these teas are quite simply heavenly. I have a mug of Loved in my hand right this very second, and it’s a truly delicious sensory experience. A delicate blend of hibiscus flowers, rose petals and jasmine that isn’t at all overpowering, instead it is helping to soothe my mind, body and spirit. The best way I can describe this tea is that it’s like receiving a warm, vibrant hug from a mug.

There are quite a few blends in the new JustBe line-up, 8 to be precise; my favourites so far are Loved, Active (great taste 2014 winner) and Happy (another great taste 2014 winner). Active is a warm, yummy infusion of spearmint and cloves that helps to aid digestion and refresh the body and mind. The spiciness of the cloves blends beautifully with the refreshing spearmint to overall boost a sense of vitality. I love using this one after lunch to help me get my afternoon off to an incredible start.

Happy on the other hand, is an uplifting blend of refreshing lemon balm which is known as the herb of good cheer, and hibiscus flowers which are packed full of antioxidants that help to improve your overall mood. I simply adore using this one when I am feeling stressed or down as it is the perfect natural pick me up.

To Note: If you are pregnant or on medication, it is important to check with your doctor before consuming any beverage that contains herbs.

If you are looking for pure, organic and delicious herbal tea, then JustBe is definitely one to try. You can order a 40g cute box (as pictured above) for just £4.80 from here.