Have you ever felt insecure, unworthy or incompetent? If so, I can guarantee you are not alone. We live in a society that is continuously bombarding us with images and messages that are designed to pull us into believing ‘we are not good enough’ and that ‘we can do better.’ Seeing these messages and images day in and day out is, of course, going to have an effect on the way in which we forge our own unique relationship with ourselves. That’s why today I thought I would create and share with you all a little list of things that I personally like to do in order to help better my own personal relationship with yourself

Priorities You – In today’s modern world it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that you are unimportant. As such I believe it is incredibly important to regularly schedule a little ‘me-time date’ into your week (especially when you are super busy). Be it a date to your favourite restaurant, a theatre show or simply a walk around your local park you will over time begin to appreciate / enjoy your own company, thus improving your belief in your own self-worth. Just remember upon arrival of your me-time date to always switch off your phone.

Wash Your Mind Out Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, just look in the mirror as the person staring back at you is honestly your only competition. Now just like you wash your hair, you too need to wash your mind every once in a while. In order to do this, I personally like to use a powerful anchoring technique called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) – or, at least, my version of it anyways. Involving just 5 minutes of your precious time you simply need to close your eyes and visualise an open door in between your eyebrows. Next, you need to gather all the unkind words you have taken from others or yourself and place them on little slips of paper. Once you have compiled all your little slips in your mind visualise them moving out through that open door in-between your eyebrows – as they drift off I personally like to say good riddance – and in doing this you will find that you can finally let go.

Start A Gratitude List – At the end of the day before you go to sleep write down 5 things you are grateful for. You see we take a lot of things for granted every day to such a point that we never really miss a blessing until it’s gone. Over the years, I have learnt possessions don’t make you happy in the long-term, but realising the abundance of blessings in our lives right now can and will help you to love your life (and ultimately yourself) so much more.

Be Kind To Yourself – Taking care of your body, treating yourself to a massage and/or facial, exercising regularly and becoming mindful of what you eat / drink will not only boost your self-confidence, but it will also help to boost your energy levels. You see the more you treat your body with the love and kindness it deserves, the more you will learn to naturally do it and the more you incorporate it into your daily life the more your body will, in turn, give back to you.

nourish the one

“We are all stars and we all deserve to twinkle.” – Marilyn Monroe