I love walking barefoot, I have ever since I was a little child, there is just something so blissful about connected to the world. Bella is defiantly following me in my footsteps (sorry for the pun!) so much so that if she had to the choice to be barefoot all the time, she would. I’ve always said she is a free spirit and this certainly proves it. barefoot 1I like most love the feeling of sand between my toes, green grass rubbing up against my feet and soft carpets caressing my tootsie because it always without fail manages to puts me into a different mindset. It also just so happens to be very healthy for you too (especially with regards to our little ones!)

You see each time your soles connect to the earth surface it naturally soaks up the negative ions found in the earth’s crust (which are actually incredibly positive for your body!) So positive in fact I like to call it Earth’s natural medicine as I believe it can help to bring health and happiness back to us all.barefoot 2

But how does it work I hear you ask?

Well, the earth acts as a big self-regenerating battery and our bodies are full of cells which all need an electrical charge to maintain their health and functionality. The movement of nutrients and water which goes into and out of our cells is regulated by these electric fields – in the earth itself. As such, the more you connect to the ground the more you have a better night’s sleep, the less cold you feel, the less you will catch bugs and the less pain you may experience.

Bella and I try to go bare feet as much as we can. So much so, in fact, I encourage her to make direct contact with the earth at least 30 minutes a day and in doing so I always notice a significant shift in her energy afterward – she is noticeably more content and calmer within herself.

So as I always say “Kick off those shoes at the door and go out and reconnect – it will do you the world of good!”

Do you notice you feel better when you walk barefoot on the Earth?


nourish the one

“Set your feet free and your mind will follow.” – Unkown