Dry body brushing is a super easy, natural and an effective way to get gorgeous skin while detoxifying your body. Simply take a brush with natural bristles and brush to your heart’s content before you jump in the shower. Remember to brush towards your heart (this is key).

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With the increases in your blood supply bringing with it nourishment and oxygen, dry body brushing makes you look and feel good on the outside. “It exfoliates the top layer of dry skin to help open the pores and assist in the skin functions such as releasing sweat from pores, producing collagen to make skin supple and elastin to keep skin pliable and soft.” This process can also be helpful for reducing cellulite (win win.)

Dry skin brushing improves the surface circulation of the skin and keep the pores of the skin to open, therefore encouraging your body to discharge metabolic wastes, resulting in a huge difference to the quality of your skin with it looking and feeling healthier. In other words, the lymphatic system lies just under the skin so brushing helps the fluid to drain through the tubes and improve circulation to the lymph nodes which helps them to function better. So you can see that keeping your lymphatic system healthy is very important to promote the removal of excess fluid and toxins in the tissues. Let it out! Let it go.

Being so incredibly quick and effective, it takes just two minutes out of your morning and / or evening routine to reap the benefits of dry body brushing for your inner health and outer beauty. If you haven’t tried it already, then it’s definitely something you’d want to consider incorporating into your daily or at least within your weekly routine.

You brush your entire body starting from your feet and working your way up (being extra gentle over sensitive areas) using circular motions or brisk upward strokes. The pressure of the brushing should be according to what feels comfortable and it should never hurt – if it does stop immediately. I have always used a light pressure due to the lymphatic system lying just under the surface of our skin. A shower to wash the skin and open the pores should generally follow dry Body Brushing.

Benefits of dry skin brushing

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Cleans toxins from the lymphatic system
  • Helps digestion
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Increases cell renewal
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Tightens the skin
  • Removes dead skin layers and other debris collected in its pores

Use the Right Kind of Brush

It is so important to change your body brush regularly as bacteria and dead skin cells can soon build up in the bristles, if you can’t afford to keep buying new brushes then you can easily clean your current one by using hot soapy water and then hanging it in the sun to dry.

For all you fake tan lovers out there try buying a brush with the stimulating beads on the opposite side of the bristles, and use this side to prolong the life of your tan.

To Note:

 It is essential that the brush is made from natural bristles and not synthetic ones. Synthetic bristles are incredibly harsh and as a result will scratch the surface of the skin and cause irritating.

 When using the brush it should always be dry and never use it for bathing. Also, something else incredibly important to mention is that you should never body brush over inflamed, broken, or sunburned skin.

– Some areas of the skin are too sensitive to utilise the dry brushing method. These include the face and décolletage, and chest area.

– Dry brushing may be too harsh for those with very sensitive or older skin.

Have you ever tried body brushing? Maybe it’s currently part of your routine and you are already reaping the benefits, tell us what you think in the comments below…